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DP Sandra Valde-Hansen takes on indie film maverick Gregg Araki’s latest film White Bird in a Blizzard

Whiplash indie movie article

HDVP Magazine

WHIPLASH - DP Sharone Meir talks drums and mood with director Damien Chazelle.

Dear white people 8 article

HDVP Magazine

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE - Stories from a director, DP, production designer, costumer and art director.

Lead article

Shooting in the Hot Zone -- HDVideoPro

DP Jake Swantko Takes His Camera to Ukraine

Lead article

Boozy Tales -- HDVideoPro

DP Blake McClure channels film history to create the past for Comedy Central’s DRUNK HISTORY

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HDVideoPro Magazine: Triple Threat

With his Canon EOS C300 in tow, indie filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier writes, directs and shoots Cannes and Sundance fave Blue Ruin...


Cinematographer Polly Morgan digs deep into the shadows for The Truth About Emanuel...

Scary Light

Jon Joffin, ASC, gives Haunter a look to remember...

The Digital Imaging Technician

Six years in the making, D.I.T.s have become key components of an ever-changing set...

Shooting Jaws

Underwater cinematographer Andy Casagrande makes great use of GoPros to capture great whites for Shark Week...

Hands On The Camera

Cinematographer Gavin Kelly makes the budget and format work for him...

Man With A Movie Camera

Cinematographer Ross Riege brings back childhood fantasies with his first feature, The Kings of Summer...

Visual Experimentation

In the first of our series of profiles on the new generation of leading creative professionals, HDVP talks with cinematographer Laura Merians about how she layers both practical and VFX into her work...

I Want My VOD

Gravitas Ventures wants to reinvent film distribution...

Mundane Beauty

Cinematographer Rachel Morrison illuminates director Zal Batmanglij’s Sound of My Voice...