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A Queer Film Festival In The Middle of Appalachia? Yes, please.

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'Transcendence' Director Pfister Talks Perseverance: "Do not give up"

'Transcendence' Director Pfister Talks Perseverance...

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'The Walking Dead' Team Talk Zombie Horror at NAB: "I Do Want to Find Out What the Limit Is"

How far can they go with gore and violence? “It’s really awesome that AMC is bold enough to put just about anything up there,” said Kirkman, “But I do want to find out what the limit is.”...

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Streep Lays Out Women's Pic Studio Stats at Women in Film Awards: "Why Don't They Want the Money?"

If women make up 51 percent of all moviegoers, “Why don’t they want the money?” asked Meryl Streep at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards Tuesday night. She cited five movies in less than five years aimed at women, costing a fraction of the cost of studio tentpoles,...

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Thompson on Hollywood | Indiewire

By Valentina Valentini; |; Tue Apr 17 15:26:22 EDT 2012; |; 1 Comment. More: James Cameron, James Cameron, James Cameron, Festivals, festivals ......

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Thompson on Hollywood | Indiewire

... cost of studio tentpoles, that grossed $1.6 billion combined worldwide... Read More ». By Valentina Valentini; |; Wed Jun 13 15:13:01 EDT 2012; |; 1 Comment....