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YouTube's New Subscription Video Service Goes Head-to-Head with Netflix

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Mark Webber Wants Your Money, But He Can't Tell You Why

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A Year of 'Little Accidents': How a Sundance Debut Reached the Theaters

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6 Best Apps for Filmmakers: Cinematography

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7 Mobile Apps Every Filmmaker Should Have in Their Toolkit

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Shooting 'Transparent': From Rehearsal to Lenses to Intimacy

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Is Shooting on Film Worth the Money? This Up-and-Coming DP Answers That Question

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How I Shot That -- IndieWire

Dave Klein, ASC Dishes….

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Doc DPs -- IndieWire

Attention, Filmmakers: These 4 Tips from Cine Gear Expo Could Help You Shoot Your Documentary

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8 Great Filmmaking Tools for Indie Filmmakers from NAB ...

8 Great Filmmaking Tools for Indie Filmmakers from ...

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Four Ways That Hollywood Needs to Misbehave

When you’re little, being a disruptor will get you put in the corner; today, it gets you in the corner office....

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Will Bryan Singer's Upcoming Sci-fi Project 'H+' Offer a Look at the Future of Web Series?

If we’re all going to our computers these days to watch content we used to only be able to access on a television, why not put the efforts (and money) there in the first place, with content that's tailored for an online experience?...

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8 Gadgets For Low-Budget Filmmaking at the National Association ...

8 Gadgets For Low-Budget Filmmaking at the National...

TFF 2012: Three Things You Should Know About Short-Form Filmmaking

The Tribeca Talks panel “The Future is Short: Storytelling in the Digital Age” offers simple and telling information about how to get your content out there and maybe make some money back. The landscape is still fairly disjointed, with a few too many special sauces brewing in the pot....

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Takeaways from the Sundance 'Women Who Dare' Film Panel

“There are men involved in some of these films,” said producer Lucy Webb, chair of Women in Film’s 7th Annual Sundance Filmmakers Panel, called "Women Who Dare," which was held Sunday morning. “We just don’t talk about them too much.”...